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The 2019 Streaming Media 50: The 50 Companies That Matter Most in Online Video in 2019
Our exclusive industry-defining list is back for 2019. Here are the 50 companies every Streaming Media reader must know, the ones leading us into the future. These are the most important, innovative, and interesting companies in the online video universe.

Welcome to the 2019 Streaming Media 50, our annual list of the most important, most innovative, and most interesting companies in the online video space. It’s the second year we’ve winnowed the list down to 50 companies—starting in 2011, we listed 100 companies each year, and our contributing editors found the task more daunting than ever.

The online video industry certainly continues to grow, but we’re also seeing some contraction in the market by way of mergers and acquisitions. So it’s more important than ever that this annual list represents companies we feel are not only leaders in the space but are in it for the long haul.

Before we go on to the list, a few qualifiers: As usual, we’re focusing almost exclusively on technology vendors, rather than content companies. This list has always been about recognizing the companies that enable video services to deliver great content to consumers reliably at the highest possible quality on every device and hopefully to make money from it.


This year, we took the video production segment of the market, the one covered by Streaming Media Producer, and gave that its own list. We published the Streaming Media Producer 25 in the April/May issue.

Also, the Streaming Media 50 focuses exclusively on companies with headquarters in North America. Later this year, we will publish a similar list, the Streaming Media Europe 101, focusing on companies with headquarters in Europe.

So how do we arrive at the list? We ask our regular contributors to look at a master list of all the vendors in the online video marketplace and rank them on a scale of one (doesn’t belong on the Streaming Media 50 at all) to five (no list of the most important companies would be complete without it). The top 50 make the list. Simple, right? Our judges (listed below) might disagree.

Congratulations to this year’s Streaming Media 50!

The 2019 Streaming Media 50 voters:
Anthony Burokas, professional videographer
Troy Dreier, senior editor,, and contributing editor, Streaming Media
Nadine Krefetz, consultant, Reality Software, and contributing editor, Streaming Media
Shawn Lam, owner, Shawn Lam Video
Jan Ozer, principal, Streaming Learning Center, and contributing editor, Streaming Media
Adrian Pennington, freelance journalist and contributing editor, Streaming Media
Robert Reinhardt, CTO, VideoRx, and contributing editor, Streaming Media
Dom Robinson, co-founder and creative firestarter, id3as, and contributing editor, Streaming Media
Paul Schmutzler, freelance journalist
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, VP and editor-in-chief, Streaming Media
Tim Siglin, founder, Help Me Stream, and contributing editor, Streaming Media


You can see many of these companies and their products and services in person at Streaming Media West in Los Angeles in November, Streaming Forum in London in February, and Streaming Media East in New York City in May.

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