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Video: How to Generate Revenue from YouTube Live Streams
Mighteor CEO & Co-Founder Elizabeth Giorgi discussesYouTube Live monetization strategies in this clip from a Live Streaming Summit panel at Streaming Media East 2019.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Elizabeth Giorgi: So, how many of you are live streaming on YouTube right now in some way? Okay, great. So approximately 30% of our group.

In general, I see YouTube as an opportunity in two ways for boosting your revenue streams. The first way to think about it is actually not through the live event itself. It's actually to think about the long-term value of that video, beyond that live event.

So while the live event is going to drive a lot of interest, traffic, dynamic engagement, you want to actually be thinking about what can I put inside of this video, what content can I producing inside of this video, and value adds can I put inside of this program that are going to have a longterm value for my revenue capabilities.

For example, we've worked with a brand for a really long time that's a huge believer in doing live streaming exclusive promo codes. So if you're working with an influencer, as an example, and they're gonna be included in your live stream, having a referral code that is specific to the person appearing in that video helps you to create an ecosystem around that promo code to understand and track where that revenue is coming from. Is this personality a big sales referrer? Is this personality a sales referrer, because we used it one time in YouTube Live, or is it because it's being connected to their entire YouTube presence? That's an example that is really tangible for YouTube.

Another way to be thinking about it is, if you're gonna run ads, if you are really going to take advantage of the Google ad network and you're gonna run ads on that YouTube video, that's the second way to think about monetizing that piece, but you have to be extraordinarily thoughtful about if that is the desired outcome for how you wanna generate revenue on YouTube.

I can dive into that a little bit further, but for now, let's just say I've seen many, many people make bad live videos with a shelf life of exactly a week, hoping to get longterm Google ad revenue off of them. That isn't going to actually work. You need to think about probably a year of value to get your money back on that return. So think about a year--if this content is relevant for the next year, to be able to get that Google ad revenue back.

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