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Video: How to Normalize Metrics from Multiple Platforms
Tribune Media's Rob Dillon and's Abe Gottesman discuss the challenges of interpreting and using data from multiple sources effectively in this clip from their panel at OTT Leadership Summit at Streaming Media West 2018.

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Watch the complete video of this presentation from Streaming Media West, OTT201. The State of Data in Video, in the Streaming Media Conference Video Portal.

Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Rob Dillon: Every single thing we measure, whether it's Roku or Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV or our Apps or online or desktop has a different analytics platform. Roku uses Roku and in Ooyala analytics, we use Ooyala as our VOD provider, and Amazon Fire is in Flurry and Android TV is in Flurry and Apple TV is off in Apple's wonderland.

It's a challenge for us and for our business intelligence people to pull that data together and then make sure it's apples-to-apples and oranges-to-oranges and not, “this Apple play data and how long they watch doesn't match up to Roku's numbers and they're way off and even though they're different platforms.” We know somebody's not just watching five seconds here and a minute and a half here and so she has a challenge turning those into numbers that our stations can actually use.

Diana Strutner: Right.

Abe Gottesman: We deal with the same thing. We're getting view numbers, and what is a “view?” The CDN will tell you a view is one thing and an OVP will tell you a view is something else. And what's a unique view, when you look at real time and latency and how that affects things?

While you're pulling from a lot of different data sources, normalization of the data always becomes the key. How are you presenting the data to your customers? And then how are you using that data to make sure that you're measuring it effectively to create best practices for your customers?

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