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Telestream: View From the Top 2019
Telestream combines businesses that extend our ability to positively impact the Quality of Service and Quality of Experience elements of customer operations.
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A Strategic Focus on Quality

In July, the integration of Tektronix’s video test, monitoring, and quality assurance solutions for the broadcast and digital media markets into Telestream was completed. Our intention is to continue to invest in and market its entire integrated product portfolio of both companies, focusing each technology on customer applications they are best suited to.

Engineering teams from Telestream and Tektronix Video are working to leverage the combined intellectual property in search of the most efficient and effective customer solutions. In particular, the engineering teams plan on integrating Telestream’s iVMS ASM management systems across all of its relevant video monitoring product portfolio. These systems allow operators to correlate all the alarms within a network in a single management platform, enabling rapid pinpointing of issues and resolution of faults. The integration of iVMS ASM with Tektronix Sentry probes is a key bridging technology between the two product groups and significantly enhances Sentry’s application potential.

In addition, Tektronix Video’s waveform monitoring portfolio and Aurora file-based quality control (QC) are critical capabilities aligned with Telestream quality management story.

One of the pillars of Telestream’s corporate strategy has been to combine businesses that extend our ability to positively impact the Quality of Service and Quality of Experience elements of customer operations. Tektronix Video is just such an entity. However, it is not just about product complementarity. Combining Tektronix Video with Telestream brings more extensive sales reach and a very strong presence in additional countries and markets, as well as extensive channel relationships through which we can sell our entire portfolio.


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