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V-Nova: Executive Predictions 2019
Guido Meardi, CEO and Co-Founder, V-Nova

The tremendous growth in live video delivered via OTT—dramatically more challenging for encoders and CDNs—continued apace in 2018. However, the gap between demand and network capacity meant that we saw another slew of quality-of-service issues and unserved demand across the globe. I fully expect this trend to continue in 2019, driving increased interest in solutions to the problem of large-scale TV-like (and better-than-TV) live streaming like V-Nova’s own PERSEUSTM Plus.

Driven in particular by sports and eSports, content rights owners and operators will increasingly distribute premium content in UHD HDR and 1080p60. This will impact the whole delivery chain. Production workflows will require upgrades to support UHD, while higher volumes of tier 2 content will require different solutions, including remote production and unmanaged networks contribution. Solutions that reduce CAPEX and transmission costs to a fraction, including our PERSEUS Pro and Plus solutions, will become a must.

2019 will also see a codec standard that embeds AI and neural networks, unlocking a host of new possibilities and efficiencies for both live and file-based workflows and archival.

Lastly, I expect compression advances to contribute to making live cloud-based workflows as cost efficient as on-premise ones, further fueling the explosion of services and channels. Content owners of any size will be able to go direct to consumers, with no need to “build infrastructure.” This trend will continue to drive industry consolidation in 2019, as well as to question the long-term validity of some existing business models in the value chain for both vendors and operators.


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