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Adobe Premiere Gets Auto Reframe for Multi-Platform Video Output
At IBC, Adobe announced an AI-powered tool to speed the process of creating variously sized versions of videos for different platforms.

A multi-platform world means outputting videos at various ratios to meet the demands of each destination. At IBC, Adobe announced a tool to speed the process in a way that creates attractive results for each site.

News 2It's called Auto Reframe and it will be added to Premiere Pro later this year. Adobe says the tool will reframe and reformat video for square, vertical, 16:9, and other ratios. But rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, Auto Reframe is driven by artificial intelligence (Adobe Sensei) to ensure each version keeps the most important content in the frame. The editor is able to fine-tune the results, when needed. The goal is producing attractive versions for multiple platforms in a fraction of the time.

"For broadcasters, or anyone else who needs to optimize content for different platforms, Auto Reframe will help you get there faster," writes Eric Philpott, product marketing manager at Adobe, in a blog post.

For more information on how to use Auto Reframe when it's available, Adobe has already created a how-to video.

If this sounds familiar, the feature was previewed in the sneak peek session of the 2018 Adobe Max conference, where it was called Project Smooth Operator. Not all sneak peek projects go into production, but Auto Reframe clearly found an audience.

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