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Adobe's Marketo Engage Gains Video Through Vidyard Partnership
Adobe and Vidyard announced a partnership that will bring video support to Marketo Engage, Adobe's lead management tool for B2B marketers.

Adobe and Vidyard announced a partnership today that will bring video support to Marketo Engage, Adobe's lead management tool for business-to-business (B2B) marketers. The partnership not only lets marketers add video to their communications, but also tracks how those videos are doing.

News 2With Vidyard's video abilities, Marketo Engage customers can add videos with calls-to-action (such as linking to another page or inserting a form) to their websites. They can then use Vidyard analytics to get a real-time view of video performance, seeing exactly which prospects have watched the material. Built-in optimization tools help with search engine discovery by providing transcriptions and inserting metadata. By choosing this solution instead of YouTube hosting, marketers ensure their prospects don't see recommendations for videos from other companies.

Adobe chose to partner with Vidyard rather than create a solution from scratch because Vidyard is a longtime member of the Marketo community and the two share a number of customers. Both the Marketo and Vidyard platforms are cloud-based and accessible through a browser; a data integration via an API allows Vidyard's data to flow to Marketo. While the Marketo platform includes over 500 partners, Vidyard is the only one that offers video capabilities. The offering is available to customers now, and all billing for the integrated offering will be handled through Marketo.

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