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Sponsors and Unity Make Video Chat Simple for Game Developers
Live video chat is part of the gaming experience, so and Unity Technologies are making it easier for game developers to add chats directly into their software.

Live video chat is now a part of the video gaming experience, and and Unity Technologies are making it easier for video game developers to add video chats directly into their software. creates voice, video, and messaging tools, and it announced today that it's now a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner. It released the Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity which lets developers easily add video chat to their games.

News 1Today's gamers want face-to-face live communication while gaming, so providing that ability inside a game makes the title more engaging, says. It also means gamers don't have to rely on third-party video chat solutions. The company promises high quality video, low latency, and background noise reduction. Players can use pitch, reverb, and sound effects to alter their voice and create a personalized sound.

The SDK is optimized for CPU usage and power consumption, says, and has little impact on gameplay.

“Live video is a powerful tool for game developers who want to take their games to new heights, but most existing solutions come with a trade-off in gameplay,” said Clive Downie, CMO at Unity. “Agora’s new video SDK is designed to work seamlessly with our development platform and makes it incredibly easy for developers to deploy live interactive video within their games. More importantly, Agora’s SDK is a robust yet lightweight solution, allowing developers to add real-time video without compromising the player experience.”

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