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Brightcove Offers Targeted Video Ads for Chromecast Apps
Using Once, developers can add seamless targeted video ads to Chromecast apps quickly, says Brightcove.
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Only last month video cloud services company Brightcove acquired online video advertising technology company Unicorn Media, and now Brightcove is announcing that developers can use Once, the patented ad-stitching service created by Unicorn, when creating mobile apps that stream to the Google Chromecast.

Google released the SDK (software development kit) for Chromecast last week, which should spur a wave of Chromecast-enabled apps, not only for video delivery but also for business communications and multiplayer gaming. Brightcove notes that the $35 Chromecast is one of the top three bestselling electronic device on Amazon. Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu Plus mobile apps already offer Chromecast support.

With Once, Brightcove says, developers can avoid client-side code, SDKs, or plug-ins, while still bringing their apps to market quickly. By automatically sending metadata back to the viewer's Chromecast app, Once is able to seamlessly insert targeted ads into the video stream. The end result is streamed content with a TV-like feel.

Once also lets developers add interactive video ads, position overlays, and hide playback controls.

“Broadcasters and content owners that want to quickly take advantage of Chromecast can now leverage Brightcove Once to deliver premium video content streams that include targeted advertising," says AJ McGowan, Brightcove’s chief technology officer.

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