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Connected TV Now Makes Up 49% of All Streaming Ad Views
The rise in connected TV ad views continues: CTV made up 44% of all streaming ad views in Q4 2018. Three months later, that figure has grown to 49%.

The rise in connected TV ad views continues: It its benchmark report for 2018, creative asset management company Extreme Reach noted that CTV made up 44% of all streaming ad views in Q4. Three months later, that figure has grown to 49%. The company's Q1 2019 benchmark report sees a growing preference for unskippable CTV spots.

News 1The trend shows how quickly the landscape is changing for streaming video advertising. In Q1 2018, Extreme Reach says, the buzz was around mobile platforms and six-second ads. Today, mobile ad use is falling, as it now counts for only 25% of all impressions. Meanwhile, CTV is leading the way for longer ads. In Q2 2018, 30-second ads became the most popular length, taking the crown from 15-second ads. The 30-second spot got even more popular in Q1 2019, counting for 69% of all ad impressions, a 20% quarter-over-quarter increase.

A high ad completion rate is a big part of connected TV's appeal: CTV ads enjoyed a 97% completion rate in Q1 2019.

In the near future, look for 60-second ads to become more popular, Extreme Reach forecasts. While 60-second spots now make up only 3% of all online video ad impressions, that's a 5x increase from the year before. Extreme Reach is even seeing some companies using 2-minute ads—although those make up only 0.1% of ad impressions. That's not much, but look for these longer spots to become more common.

Extreme Reach's data reflects spots run with its AdBridge platform and proprietary video ad server. View the full report for free online (no registration required).

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