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DaCast Buys Vzaar to Create More Powerful Streaming Platform
Live streamer DaCast has its eye on Vzaar's live streaming features, its high profile customers, and its ability to do business in China.
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Two rivals are now part of the same company. Video hosting and live video streaming company DaCast announced it has acquired Vzaar, a video hosting platform aimed at businesses, for an undisclosed sum. Going forward, both companies will work from DaCast's San Francisco and London offices, with the goal of bringing all of Vzaar's features and customers to the DaCast platform.

The two companies would seem to have significant overlap. DaCast was founded in 2008, and specializes in live streaming for businesses. It notes that over 120,000 broadcasters have used its platform. Vzaar was founded in 2007 and is used by clients including Getty Images, Cathay Pacific, Kelloggs, Ebay, and Dunkin' Brands. Combined, both companies have over 4,500 active customers.

Explaining the value of the acquisition, DaCast CEO Stephane Roulland said the companies would merge their tools to create "a new, more powerful streaming platform." DaCast's platform includes Akamai delivery, low-latency streaming, HLS live video, analytics, multi-platform distribution, and monetization options that support multiple currencies and languages. Vzaar's OVP platform includes security, management, and analytics tools. The acquisition opens up a vast new market for DaCast, as Vzaar is one of the few OVPs that can stream video to China.

"Vzaar is much more focused on video hosting whereas DaCast is much more focused on live streaming," explains DaCast marketing manager Elise Furon. "By acquiring Vzaar, we extend our video hosting capabilities along with some key features of their platform (they are among the only ones with real streaming delivery in China)."

Photo: Adrian Sevitz, CEO of Vzaar, and Stephane Roulland, CEO of DaCast.

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