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Facebook Unveils a Variety of Monetization Options for Creators
The social network now offers creators more control over how ads appear in their videos, avoiding mid-rolls where they would interrupt content.

Video creators on Facebook have several new options for monetizing their work, thanks to improvements announced today.

The social network now offers creators more control over how ads appear in their videos. Eligible creators in over 40 countries are able to show ads on their videos, but up till now Facebook has automatically chosen the type of ad that would appear (pre-roll, mid-roll, or an image below the video). Starting today, creators can choose to not use mid-rolls if their work doesn't have a natural ad break.

News 1Facebook is enhancing its Brand Collabs Manager, a tool introduced at VidCon in 2018 that lets brands and agencies pair up with influential video creators. The tool now offers performance analytics so all parties can track the performance and engagement of branded creations. Creators are also gaining the ability to open their audiences to advertisers for targeted ads, helping branded ads find relevant viewers.

Creators can now create groups that are available only to fans with a subscription, creating another incentive to entice fans to sign up for recurring payments. Creators can use these groups to interact privately with their most ardent supporters.

Facebook is testing the ability for fans to send stars to creators during a live or on-demand video stream, using a feature previously available only to game streamers. The star system is in limited testing, and is meant to complement a subscription offering.

Facebook's Creator Studio is gaining several improvements to let video creators manage their presence and grow revenue. A new monetization section shows creators all their products in one place, and the area now includes insights on viewer demographics and behavior. Additionally, the area now integrates Instagram and IGTV content, as well.

These announcements were made as Facebook holds a Creator Day in its Malibu, California, headquarters, and as it prepares to hold several sessions at VidCon later this week. will cover Facebook's fireside chat on Thursday.

Above: The new monetization screen in Facebook's Creator Studio.

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