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Indie Darling Vimeo Goes Corporate, Introduces Vimeo Enterprise
Large organizations can create sites exclusively for internal teams or selected customers, and hold live events for audiences of any size.

Vimeo announced Vimeo Enterprise today, a new platform for business customers. With Vimeo Enterprise, large corporate clients can share live and on-demand video internally or with select customers. The announcement might raise eyebrows, but Vimeo says enterprise is its fastest-growing customer segment and this is a continuation of its attention to the corporate market.

News 2Large organizations have unique video needs, notes Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud. Responding to those needs, Vimeo Enterprise combines ease of use and high-quality video with enterprise-grade offerings.

Those offerings include single sign-on, private workspaces, and embed restrictions. Organizations can use Vimeo Enterprise to create white label sites for teams. They can also measure engagement with user analytics, learning exactly who watched and interacted with content. Vimeo adds in round-the-clock support, uptime guarantees, and exclusive account management. Live events of any size will go off without a hitch, it promises.

"Companies are becoming more global, with most businesses having offices around the world and distributed workforces," says Kathleen Barrett, senior vice president of enterprise at Vimeo. "We know video is the most effective and engaging way for these types of businesses to communicate and connect their team. Vimeo Enterprise provides any large organization with a simple, reliable, and secure solution to use video at work—to connect to their employees in real-time, share updates and training at scale, or market their brand to their customers."

Pricing, the company says, varies by an organization's size and needs. Contact Vimeo for specifics.

Image: With Vimeo Enterprise, organizations can create customizable, private showcase pages for their video content.

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