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Kaltura Launches Video Monetization Suite for Revenue Creation
With its all-inclusive revenue generation tools, Kaltura's suite helps with ad delivery, subscriptions, TV Everywhere, and more.
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Recognizing the importance for broadcasters to monetize their online video, OVP Kaltura has announced a suite of tools for targeted ad delivery and other revenue-creation options. Called the Smart Video Monetization Suite, it includes offerings for in-player advertising, over-the-top (OTT) video, subscriptions, transaction management, and syndication.

The idea behind the suite is that broadcasters can create a comprehensive strategy for making money from their content across devices using one set of tools. The suite is based on Kaltura's Video Operating System, and works with third-party solutions found in the company's partner marketplace, Kaltura Exchange.

Ad-delivery tools include VAST- and VPAID-compliant native ad players, server-side ad stitching to eliminate buffering, and the ability to target different viewers within a household. For OTT providers, Kaltura has a turnkey Netflix-like portal which includes subscription management, a payment gateway, and billing tools. The portal supports A/B testing and allows for real-time campaign monitoring. Kaltura also offers modular OTT and TV Everywhere solutions for larger pay TV companies that already have an OTT infrastructure or partners they prefer to work with. Pay TV providers can then mix-and-match components to create the OTT offering they prefer.

Kaltura will be showing the suite at next week's NAB conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, in booth SU9713.

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