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Limelight Adds Opscode Automation to Video Platform
Automation solution lets customers scale resources up or down with one command to better meet viewer demand.
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Content delivery network Limelight has added Opscode Hosted Chef to the Limelight Video Platform in order to provide automation to its service-oriented architecture (SOA).

The chief benefit is that customers can use Hosted Chef to scale both data center and hybrid cloud infrastructure resources with one command. This lets customers prepare for demand spikes

According to Opscode, the integration will also let the Limelight Video Platform deploy infrastructure and deliver applications consistently and without human error. Adding automation the SOA also frees up human resources, the company says.

Opscode is based in Seattle, Washington, and provides cloud infrastructure automation. It works with companies of all sizes to create scalable fully automated server infrastructures.

"With the increasing demand for our video platform and with the large number of infrastructure components necessary to consistently deliver such a popular service at broad-scale, automation was the only way to keep pace," says Edgardo Nazario, group vice president of Limelight Networks. "Hosted Chef has helped us adopt a DevOps mentality, with development and operations collaborating on application creation, testing, and delivery. This, in turn, enables us to bring consistent, reliable and robust services to market in less time and at less cost."

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