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Limelight Announces Orchestrate 2.0
The digital presence tool's improvements help companies manage multiple online touch points serving a global audience.
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Limelight today announced the 2.0 version of its Orchestrate digital presence platform. Orchestrate is designed to help companies manage all of their audience-facing online areas from one location. With this release, Limelight is focusing on increasing engagement.

Limelight breaks the 2.0 improvements into four categories: integration, performance, reach, and insight. This version improves integration by combining video, content delivery, and online storage into one platform; offering a unified video solution for all file types; expanding the API library so that developers can integrate Orchestrate with their existing CMS, CDN, advertising, and marketing platforms; and including one-click SEO tagging. Performance improvements include making video immediately available after upload (coming in the third quarter of 2013); adding mobile delivery to its live video features; replicating cloud storage around the globe for faster delivery; adding Google Widevine DRM (coming in the third quarter of 2013); and offering a single video stream for all mobile devices.

Orchestrate 2.0 improves reach by offering the dashboard in more languages, including Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, French, and Spanish; and by offering global policy enforcement, including geo-blocking. Insight improvements include more detailed user data for improved personalization, as well as more real-time data.

“The Orchestrate Platform is the first digital presence platform to be fully integrated with a massively provisioned global network to ensure optimal user experience anywhere in the world,” says Robert Lento, Limelight's CEO. 

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