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Limelight Launches Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters
Content owners will be able to bring live and on-demand video to online viewers faster, while removing complexity and integrating with current workflows.
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CDN Limelight announced the availability of a new product today, Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters. An integrated workflow solution, this version of Orchestrate is meant to help broadcasters and other content owners bring their video to online audiences. Limelight says this cloud-based solution lets publishers get to market faster while reducing complexity.

Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters offers a single upload functionality that automatically creates all needed transcodes, freeing content owners from having to manage multiple versions. The system also manages compression, digital rights management (DRM), and global replication. (DRM support includes Adobe Flash Access and Google Widevine.) Limelight notes that playback is available immediately after files are uploaded, so breaking news can stream at once. It also supports closed captioning for both live and on-demand video.

Because it's an increasingly mobile world, Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters streams live and VOD content to any device. Content owners can monetize their material by setting rules, targeting options, and ad frequencies while integrating with multiple ad networks. They can also control ad campaigns at both the video and channel level by creating ad insertion policies.

The solution uses REST-based application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate with existing workflows. Finally, the included analytics can integrate with existing analytics engines.

Limelight will demo Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters at IBC starting September 12.

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