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Livestream Experiences Power Outage, Working on Restoring Service
A power outage with Internap took nine hours to fix. Livestream is now working on bringing its servers back online.

Live webcasting service Livestream is still recovering from a power outage that took down its network. spoke with Livestream co-founder and CEO Max Haot who explained that Livestream's servers are stored with Internap, which has space at a Google data hub. Around 2:30 EDT this morning, Internap experienced a data center-wide power failure.

Livestream first posted news of the failure on its status page at 3:49AM this morning, and added several updates during the following hours. At 11:30 AM, Livestream announced that power was restored. Livestream is now focused on bringing its servers back up and restoring service.

"At this point every customer should check where we're providing the latest information, or phone the support line if they have further questions, and we will provide information and restore the service as quickly as we can," Haot said. He didn't give an estimate on how long it would take to restore service. "We're working as quickly as possible," Haot said, adding that no customer data has been lost.

Haot didn't have an answer on whether or not Livestream would be compensating customers for the outage. Once the crisis is over, he said he and his team would regroup, talk to customers, and determine an answer. Some customers had been understanding and patient about the issue, he said, while others were more upset.

Internap PR wasn't immediately available to provide information on the outage.

Update 1:14 PM: Max Haot says Livestream service has now been restored, although all features may not yet be fully operational. The company is performing checks and tests before publishing the news on its status page.

Update 5:04 PM: Internap PR sent the following response: "On Friday, May 16, at approximately 3 AM ET, Internap experienced a power outage in a portion of its data center located at 111 8th Avenue in New York City. Utility power was restored at approximately 6 AM ET. The outage impacted approximately 20 customers using a combination of colocation and IP connectivity services. We are still working to determine the root cause of the disruption, but the site has been returned to normal N+1 redundant configuration. We have been providing customers with hourly status notifications since the beginning of the event, and our technicians are onsite 24x7 to assist them. Customers can contact with questions."

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