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MediaPlatform and Onstream Partner for Enterprise Webcasting
Two corporate video heavyweights integrate to offer customers a richer set of features.
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Enterprise video software company MediaPlatform has announced a partnership with Onstream Media, which delivers live and on-demand corporate video and audio, that integrates their technologies to deliver sophisticated webcasting services for the enterprise.

The companies paired MediaPlatform's WebCaster (a cloud-based webcasting platform) with Onstream's VisualWebcaster. Onstream's customer can now use MediaPlatform's front-end features, which include a wizard driven production controller, multiple device and platform support, and support for multiple and remote presenters. MediaPlatform customers, on the other hand, gain Onstream's encoding tools, production services, and advanced content delivery.

"By integrating our technology with MediaPlatform's WebCaster platform, we can now offer a more comprehensive solution that provides the next generation of corporate event production to our combined client base," says Randy Selman, president and CEO at Onstream Media.

"The integration with MediaPlatform also gives Onstream the ability to offer clients multicast fusion on the Adobe Flash platform, which is a streaming technology that enables increases in video consumption without a commensurate increase in network load," says Ari Kestin, executive vice president and general manager of webcasting for Onstream. "These new technologies will allow us to meet the increasing demand for enterprise webcasting."

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