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Microsoft Azure Media Services Adds HD Live Streaming
Telestream Wirecast, Newtek Tricaster, and JW Player now integrate with the cloud-based Azure platform.
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IBC begins tomorrow, and all the major players are preparing their fall announcements. Today, Microsoft shared several pieces of news for Azure Media Services, including that the platform is gaining HD-quality live streaming for popular devices and platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Adobe Flash.

As Sudheer Sirivara, director of Azure Media Services, wrote in a blog post, today marks the public preview of the platform's Live Streaming and Content Protection offerings. Already used at the Sochi Olympics and the World Cup, the offerings are scalable and reliable, Sirivara said.

To safeguard premium video content, Azure Media is also releasing content protection that includes static and dynamic encryption, first party PlayReady license delivery, and an AES 128-key delivery service.

“Broadcasters and premium content owners spend significant amounts of money and resources each year to host, manage, support, and distribute their media,” Sirivara said. “Now with Azure Media Services, customers can move that infrastructure to the cloud."

Microsoft announced new partners to the platform. Telestream Wirecast is now integrated with Azure Media Services, meaning publishers can easily send video from Wirecast's production software to Azure.  Newtek Tricaster also now integrates with the platform, as does JW Player.

Microsoft will lead five keynote sessions at IBC.

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