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Ovid.TV Aims to Fill Gap in Independent and Arthouse Films Online
Launching in March, Ovid.TV will lead off with a collection of documentaries that can't be found on other streaming services.

Ever since WarnerMedia shuttered streaming service FilmStruck in October 2018, fans of independent and arthouse movies may have felt left out by streaming services. But in March Ovid.TV will provide a new option. Created by six content partners—Bullfrog Films, Distrib Films US, First Run Features, Grasshopper Film, Icarus Films, and KimStim—Ovid.TV will at first offer documentaries not found in competing services. At launch it promises hundreds of titles from celebrated directors, with an emphasis on documentaries that address social justice and climate change. By the summer, it will expand with hundreds of feature films, adding curated collections monthly.

Ovid.TV will be led by Jonathan Miller of Icarus Films. "The time for this kind of partnership is now, as the streaming giants focus on generating fast-turnaround new content, this coalition will offer new access to high-quality catalogs found nowhere else, featuring some of the most celebrated filmmakers and films in the canon," he says.

Docuseek is's founding equity partner, and the service is an initiative of Docuseek, LLC. The parent company has experience streaming movies, as it operates Docuseek, a 1,500-title subscription video service available to colleges and universities.

Ovid.TV has not yet announced the subscription price or the platforms it will run on.

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