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VDMS and thePlatform Form Alliance for End-to-End Video Solution
thePlatform is bringing the video management, while Verizon Digital Media Services is supplying the CDN and the single-format encoding.
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Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) and thePlatform are working together: The two online video giants announced they have formed a strategic alliance to provide pay TV customers and other major media companies with an end-to-end multiscreen video delivery solution.

Doesn't VDMS already offer an end-to-end solution? Is that why it went on an acquisition spree in 2013? According to thePlatform's PR agency, VDMS is bringing the CDN technology of EdgeCast and the single-format encoding of UpLynk, while thePlatform is supplying the online video platform (OVP) with its MPX video management system. MPX manages files and metadata, sets usage policies, and manages digital rights.

The two companies assert that the alliance will provide scale and a high-quality experience, while making complex operations such as dynamic ad insertion and closed captioning simple.

The combined system will be sold by both VDMS and thePlatform. It's already being used by music channel Revolt TV and mixed martial arts site Bellator.

"The integration with thePlatform allows all those customers who currently use their CMS to seamlessly leverage Verizon Digital Media Services’ single-format media processing and, of course, the CDN," says Chris Carey, chief product officer for Verizon Digital Media Services. "It brings a whole solution together for those who are already leveraging thePlatform, and provides Verizon Digital Media Services’ customers with more video management options.” 

A Verizon representative didn't answer questions about why VDMS requires a partner for an end-to-end solution, and whether or not Verizon had tried to acquire a company, rather than creating an alliance.

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