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Verizon Improves its Mobile Video Streaming Experience, Finds Report
Verizon's video performance has improved in the last six months, as it achieved a 56.1 in Opensignal's latest report, making it the first U.S. carrier to reach the Good category.

Verizon is the top carrier for mobile video performance, finds a mid-year report from network measurement and analysis company Opensignal. What's more, Verizon is providing noticeably better performance than it did at the beginning of the year.

News 1In its January 2019 mobile networking report, Opensignal found that Verizon was the mobile video leader, but it was still only in the Fair category, with a score of 52.1 out of 100 for overall video experience. Verizon has made some improvements since then, however, as it achieved a 56.1 in the latest report, making it the first U.S. carrier to reach the Good category.

For consumers, this means they'll experience faster video load times and viewer playback problems when streaming on Verizon.

Following Verizon are T-Mobile (51.7), Sprint (47.5), and AT&T (46.3).

"Verizon's dominance in this metric was nowhere more apparent than in the big cities, where it won or tied for every single one of our regional Video Experience awards," the report notes.

Verizon also took the top honor for 4G availability, but didn't sweep every category. T-Mobile has the best download and upload speeds, while T-Mobile and AT&T offer the least latency.

For more results, read Opensignal's Mobile Network Experience Report for July 2019 (no registration required).

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