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Limelight Adds Opscode Automation to Video Platform

Automation solution lets customers scale resources up or down with one command to better meet viewer demand.
Online Video News, Posted 20 Aug 2012

Qumu Releases Capture Studio 2.5, Adds Smooth Streaming Support

The QCS video capture and streaming appliance also gains support for Apple HTTP Live Streaming.
Online Video News, Posted 14 Aug 2012

Netflix’s New CDN Is Good News for Everyone

Delivering lower CDN costs, higher quality streaming, and more control for ISPs, Netflix's CDN is a win for all parties involved.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Aug 2012

Panel Examines the Business of CDN Federation

CDN federation is underway, so what does that mean for business? How can participating companies use federation to drive revenue?
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Aug 2012

EdgeCast Talks OpenCDN, its Federated CDN Solution

CDN federation is here. In this presentation, EdgeCast explains how it works and the benefits it brings to content owners.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Aug 2012

Akamai Presents a Single Operator CDN VOD Case Study

Demonstrating how the discussion around CDNs has changed, Akamai presents a European client using a single operator CDN platform to deliver its VOD library.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Aug 2012

High Quality Video Leads to Better Monetization, Says Panel

Highwinds and Baeblemusic find that moving from RTMP to HTTP delivery resulted in a variety of improvements.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Aug 2012

Online Video is Causing Seismic Shifts in Internet Traffic

According to a large study by DeepField Networks, CDN traffic and over-the-top services are rapidly evolving the internet.
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Aug 2012

Why Bell Canada Entered the CDN Market and What it Learned

Launching a CDN is becoming a more attractive option for many companies as a way to control costs and provide additional services.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Aug 2012

Pacnet Sees Huge Broadband Growth Coming to Asia

Countries such as China and India are underserved by broadband. Catching up will take careful planning.
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Jul 2012

Dan Rayburn Presents Video CDN Pricing at Content Delivery Summit

Publishers looking for online video CDN pricing data can spend weeks making calls or just watch this one video presentation.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Jul 2012

Panel Offers Best Practices for Optimizing Web Applications

F5 Networks, FastSoft, and CDNetworks offer specific solutions for supercharging web app performance.
Featured Articles, Posted 27 Jul 2012

HP Shows SpeedVideo CDN Technology at Content Delivery Summit

The second wave is here, and telcos won't be watching from the sidelines this time as revenues pass them by.
Featured Articles, Posted 27 Jul 2012

Amazon Demos Dynamic Content Delivery Service

Attendees at the Content Delivery Summit got an unplanned brief demonstration of Amazon's dynamic content service.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Jul 2012

Adobe's Project Primetime Will Stream Olympics to U.K. Viewers

Using two Primetime components, the BBC will create live streams and instant highlights in a unified workflow.
Online Video News, Posted 26 Jul 2012

Qwilt Looks at the Evolution of Transparent Video Caching

The best way to scale effectively, says a Content Delivery Summit presentation, is to combine CDN and transparent caching.
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Jul 2012

iStreamPlanet Looks at Online Video Industry Challenges

Online video success means scaling up distribution to a vastly larger audience while trying to control costs.
Spotlights, Posted 20 Jul 2012

Haivision and iStreamPlanet Go Live for Olympics Streaming

Created specifically for the Olympics, Haivision and iStreamPlanet's GoLive service offers an end-to-end solution from signal acquisition to player
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Jul 2012

Dailymotion Cloud Grows Up with DRM Support, In-Stream Ads

The company's white label solution should appeal to more publishers with improved security and ads.
Online Video News, Posted 18 Jul 2012

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