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Content Delivery Networks/CDN

Overview Of Streaming Media Protocols

Servers configured with streaming server software are built for streaming. They have the added benefit of protocols that you can't get with any type of Web server Dee McVicker
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Feb 2003

The Economics Of The Streaming Service Provider Business

As the amount of digital content companies produce continues to climb, the number of streaming network providers, which reached an all time high in 2000, steadily Todd Loewenstein
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Feb 2003

Understanding The Components of a Streaming Media Network – Part 1

Network managers have long recognized the need to control network resources in order to improve the network utilization, reduce costs and provide for an enjoyable end user experience. Here is an overview of the components allowing the network manager to get the job done.
By John Studarus
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Oct 2002

Configuring Servers for Streaming, Part Two

Contributor Dee McVicker outlines tips and techniques for maximizing performance, from the network down on to the microprocessor.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 May 2002

Configuring Servers For Streaming

[Two-Part Article] Contributor Dee McVicker discusses tips and techniques for maximizing performance, from the network on down to the microprocessor
Featured Articles, Posted 13 May 2002

Learning the ABCs for Network Storage - Part Two

In the second of two parts, contributor Jon Jacobi details the pros and cons of storage strategies. For Part 1, click here.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Mar 2002

Learning the ABCs for Network Storage - Part One

In a two-part series, contributor Jon Jacobi busts through the jargon of storage acronyms – DAS, NAS, and SAN – and details the pros and cons of storage strategies.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Mar 2002

Cheat Sheet: Local Storage

What the heck are the different flavors of SCSI? Do you even need SCSI? What's the deal with EIDE and ATA? Is Firewire/IEEE 1394 portable storage really fast enough for streamers?
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Nov 2001

Peer-to-Peer Streaming Finds Friends

A new breed of companies is targeting the peer-to-peer distribution method to lower the costs of streaming. Can they help alleviate the economies of streaming? Senior Editor Jose Alvear reports.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Aug 2001

ICDNs: Delivery into the enterprise

Back when streaming video first started catching on, many companies were compelled to try streaming over their corporate networks. But IT managers feared that streaming would clog the pipes, slowing the passage of mission-critical data. Stream-enabling a network quickly became a priority.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

Decisions, Decisions

With many variables in cost and service features to consider, choosing a CDN isn’t easy. For NetRadio, the stakes in such a decision are high — the company streams upwards of 4.6 million aggregate tuning hours per month, according to Arbitron’s most recent report. So NetRadio declined to take the leap with a single provider, choosing instead to test the waters.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

What Should You Look For In A CDN?

Because the total product CDNs’ supply is comprised of multiple parts and suppliers, service scope and quality can differ widely. The added-value trappings can differentiate a Ford from a Rolls Royce in the CDN world.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

Brand New Infrastructure: The FedEx Model

Just like with physical goods, data must be transported from A to B. Like trucks on a highway, data usually travels the most frequented routes. But as more vehicles start cruising that highway, and as the trips become longer, packages get delayed, go astray, arrive spoiled, or don’t arrive at all.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

CDNs: Fast Route to Main Street

The world of content delivery networks can confuse even a veteran to streaming, but navigating it might be necessary for the success of your streaming operation. Sr. Editor Jose Alvear and Contributor John Townley tell you how CDNs operate, how they set their prices, and why — or if — you need them.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

Do You Really Need A CDN?

Comparison shopping for CDNs is crucial, as is negotiating on price once a decision has been made. But first, you’ll need to determine if you actually need — or can afford — a CDN.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

Multicast: Enabling Future Expansion

As is true for many other enterprises, network bandwidth limitations have helped to limit the more rapid integration of streaming media at Boeing. Boeing’s initiative to multicast-enable its network is intended to free up valuable bandwidth and clear the way for new streaming applications.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Mar 2001

Business Model Focus: The Case for Syndication

Content owners seeking revenue take notice -- syndicators say they have an answer. Can syndication save the day for streaming content, or will this old-media-tested strategy fall short in the chase for profits on the Web? Derek Top explores syndication's inner workings in this Business Model Focus.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Jan 2001

Syndication As a Product

Featured Articles, Posted 02 Jan 2001

Games and Software: Flowing Streams

Streaming games and software boast a key advantage in the industry: They already work to the satisfaction of consumers. A panel session at Streaming Media Europe 2000 shed light on the budding market.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Oct 2000

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