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Microsoft’s Streaming Service Bureau

Before the advent of streaming video, major company-wide events were broadcast via satellite, or recorded for later distribution throughout the company via videotape or CD-ROM. The unit responsible for those earlier productions – now known as Microsoft Studios – today produces the bulk of streaming media at Microsoft.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 May 2001

Enterprise Case Study: Microsoft’s Mandate

Virtually every product group within Microsoft employs streaming media for internal communications, e-learning, or marketing. Contributor Max Bloom shows us that for Microsoft, ROI is the impetus, but its efforts illuminate new potential for corporate streaming.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 May 2001

For Microsoft, ROI is King

Like other enterprises, Microsoft must justify large streaming media expenditures with comparable returns on investment. Yet, some ROIs are more easily measured than others.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 May 2001

Making Streaming Media Essential

Whether targeting consumers or corporations, capitalizing on efficiency and interactivity is what will make streaming indispensable, says Yahoo! co-founder and Chief Yahoo! Jerry Yang, in his column for Streaming Media Magazine.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Apr 2001

Boeing, Streaming in Seattle

Dedicated, in-house A/V operations produce hundreds of streaming hours per year for Boeing, using the latest in production equipment.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Mar 2001

Boeing, Attack from All Angles

Currently, Boeing has a three-pronged approach to deploying streaming video: using the public Internet, its company intranet, and an extranet accessible by vendors and customers with special credentials. The target audience for these videos includes suppliers, employees, customers, and the public at large.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Mar 2001

Jet Streaming

The Boeing Company, a pioneer in its early use of streaming media for corporate communications, is poised to integrate streaming media even deeper. Contributor Max Bloom takes us inside one of the world’s largest enterprise networks.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Mar 2001

Opportunities in the Enterprise

By bringing tangible return on investment and increased efficiency, streaming technology is proliferating in the intranets and extranets of corporations on a major scale. Contributor Max Bloom explores what opportunities the enterprise offers for streaming product and service providers.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Feb 2001

Still Some Barriers to Entry

Bandwidth isn’t the only barrier to streaming in the enterprise. A corporation’s acceptance of streaming media can have as much to do with corporate culture as network capacity.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Feb 2001

Online Collaboration – The New Way to Work

While most enterprises make regular use of audio or video teleconferencing services, only a relative few have experimented with managed streaming applications over the Internet. But with the prospect of new enterprises coming on board, the managed streaming space is becoming crowded with competitors offering a wide range of services.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Feb 2001

Brick-and-Mortar Streams

Quite naturally, streaming and other technology-oriented corporations have been quickest in their implementation of streaming in the enterprise. But “old-school” companies – the ones propping up the Dow while many tech sectors languish — should not be counted out of the potential market for streaming products and services.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Feb 2001

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