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3Play Media Launches Interactive Transcript Plugin

Interactive transcript capabilities improve online video consumption
Cambridge, MA(6/9/2010) -

3Play Media, Inc., an interactive transcription and captioning company, announced today that it launched its embeddable Interactive Transcript Plugin, providing users with the ability to navigate and search through a video using the spoken text.

3Play Media's time-synchronized transcripts and interactive plugins enable publishers to leverage the full value of their digital media through searchability, usability and accessibility.  Transcripts are critical for video search engine optimization and make media more accessible for hearing-impaired viewers and in sound-sensitive environments, like a workplace.

Operating alongside any type of video player by simply inserting a snippet of code, the interactive transcript plugin tracks the video by highlighting individual words as they are spoken.  The plugin allows users to search for keywords or to click on any word to jump to a specific point in the video.  Size and styling can also be easily customized.

Also being released is an Archive Search Plugin that allows users to search across an entire media library. Results are displayed on visual timelines for all relevant media files and users can expand a segment to view its corresponding transcript or begin playing from that point.

3Play Media employs an innovative process that combines automatic speech recognition with human cleanup to deliver near-perfect accuracy at very competitive prices. Unlike traditional transcripts, 3Play Media transcripts are time-synchronized word to word.  This marriage of media and text allows users to search, navigate, and interact with the media.

3Play Media's web-based account system and API functionality provide enhanced workflow flexibility, and even offer the ability to directly interface and transfer files from compatible online video platforms, such as Brightcove or Kaltura.  Output files can be automatically published in a variety of formats, including interactive transcripts, closed caption files, or SEO-optimized transcripts.

About 3Play Media

3Play Media is a leading provider of time-synchronized transcription solutions, specializing in highly interactive and cost effective transcription, captioning and media search services. Their customers include universities, major corporations and web companies. 3Play Media was founded in 2007 by four MIT graduate students and is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit

3Play Media
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