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Current issue - September 2019, featuring:
Streaming Media Magazine - Past Issues
July/August 2019
Trouble Ahead: Netflix's Bad Quarter Could Turn Into a Bad Year
Shangri-LA Chases Streaming Video Success in Paradise: A Q&A
YouTube's Do-it-Yourself Videos Show the Best Teachers Are Online
The Compressionist's Aha! Moment: 'The Other Leg, Lanczos'
June 2019
Disaggregation Nation: Cord-Cutters Need to Make Tough Choices
Searching for Answers: Where Did All the Video Podcasts Go?
Announcing the Swift Death of Per-Title Encoding, 2015-2019
What Teachers Need to Know When Upgrading an Instructional Camera

April/May 2019
Modern Times: Getting Live Video Right Demands a Special Skillset
Is Netflix Helping or Hurting the Next Generation of Directors?
The Caliper Framework Fills a Need for Classroom Video Analytics
Project Managers Are Essential for Any Video Development Project
March 2019 - Streaming Media Sourcebook
Star-Gazing at the Ever-Changing Streaming Video Universe
The State of Media and Entertainment 2019
The State of the OTT Market 2019
The State of Live Video 2019

January/February 2019
3 Things the Streaming Industry Must Do to Prepare for ATSC 3.0
Netflix's Movie Library Is Kind of Terrible, But Does It Matter?
Online Educators Enjoy Generous Copyright Exemptions for Video
Solutions Abound for High-Volume Live Video Cloud Transcoding
November/December 2018
LiveU Lends a Hand With The Ocean Cleanup's San Francisco Launch
Rampant Piracy Is the Elephant in the Live-Streaming Room
Creating a Recipe for Codec Success to Please All Palates
6 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Go Wrong, With Examples!

October 2018
The Topic Of Security Can Seem To Be Complicated
Successful Multi-Platform Publishing Requires a Solid Media Management System
It’s Time to Stop Accepting Problems With Streaming Video
Unleash OTT: SeaChange Advocates For Open, Multi-Vendor Solutions
September 2018
Can Streaming Video Provide a Cure for the Healthcare Crisis?
How Australia's Optus Missed the Goal at the World Cup
Can AI Make the Streaming Video Experience Even Better Than TV?
Why Publishers Chase the Teen Video Market and Lose Every Time

July/August 2018
Publishers Learn NewFronts Equation: Content + Scale = Impossible
Streaming Video Exploration Makes the World a Little Smaller
Virtual Reality Development Is Moving in the Wrong Direction
Educators, Prepare With This Supply List for Teaching With Video
June 2018
Netflix Uses Data to Drive Creativity, and It Terrifies Hollywood
Help Us Help Others Stream: The Online Video Industry Gives Back
Writing Text for Video: Did Someone Say 'Autumn Aided Cap Shins'?
Per-Title Video Encoding: The Time to Get Started Is Now

April/May 2018
One Piece at a Time: Creating a More Perfect Video Workflow
Popular Skinny Bundles Still Aren't Catering to Cord Cutters
Streaming Options for Foreign Travelers Are Improving—Slowly
Hey, European Mobile Operators: What About Streaming Video?
March 2018 - Sourcebook
20 Years of Streaming Media: Looking Back and Looking Ahead
The Dystopian Era of Streaming Video: How to Survive and Thrive
The State of Enterprise Video 2018
The State of Mobile Video 2018

January/February 2018
The Streaming Media East Conference Is New and Improved for 2018
NASCAR Puts Racing Fans in the Driver's Seat—at 190 MPH
Stakes Are High, but Joe Inzerillo Is Batting 1.000 With BAMTech
Active Shooters: When a Closer Look Gets Far Too Close
November/December 2017
The Streaming Industry Is Dead, and It's Never Been Hotter
Genius Uses Live Video to Pull in Music-Loving Fans and Brands
Breaking Windows: It's Time to Change the Movie Release System
3 Tips for Educators Getting Started With Video Lectures

October 2017
So Many Decisions! The Future of Streaming TV Is Nettlesome
The Chinese Streaming Market Rife With Possibilities and Pitfalls
Fresh Blood: Look Outside the Industry for Marketing Geniuses
The Four Problems Facing OTT Services—and How to Solve Them
September 2017
The Great Winnowing: How OTT Will Crush Unloved Pay TV Networks
Is Apple's Move to HEVC About Effectiveness or Efficiency?
Expert Tips for Creating a Better Facebook Live Experience
The Reality of Virtual Reality: Despite the Hype, VR Isn't Viable

July/August 2017
Measure it, Improve it: For Video Publishers, QoE and QoS are Critical
One to Many: Streaming Live Video to Multiple Platforms
Lock it Down: How to Keep Enterprise Video Safe and Secure
Beyond TCP: Meet the Next Generation of Transport Protocols
June 2017
Blackest Blacks: Ten Things to Know About Producing HDR
Is Apple Giving Up on Live TV and a Skinny Bundle Offering?
AOL Builds a Live TV Studio in the Heart of Greenwich Village
The Humane Society Streams Lifesaving Missions Live to Supporters

April/May 2017
For Facebook Live, Preparation and Social Engagement Are Critical
How to Use Non-PTZ Cameras for Remote-Controlled Live Production
How to Start and Finish Your Live Streams Right
Five Creative Techniques for Editing Drone Video
March 2017 - Sourcebook
Unfiltered Live Online Video Shows the Need for Journalists
How the Sourcebook Shaped the History of the Online Video Industry
OTT’s Troubling Trend: Is Anyone Actually Making Money?
The State of Media and Entertainment 2017

January/February 2017
Long on Shortcomings, DirecTV Now Is No Replacement for Cable
How Time, Inc. Uses Data to Deliver Better Content, Stronger ROI
To Test a Video Device for Seniors, Go Where the Seniors Are
Launching Alpha: Creating a New OTT Service
November/December 2016
The 10 Year View: What Will Online Video Look Like in 2026?
Another Nail in Flash’s Coffin: CDN Support Rapidly Dwindling
The China Problem: Government-Sponsored Formats Are Incompatible
4 Ways Companies Can Lock Down Their Premium Video Catalogs

October 2016
Twitter and the NFL: Business as Usual Isn’t Good Enough
Shudder Goes Into the Woods to Present a Master Class in Horror
Meet the Intern Who Knows What Videos You Want to Watch
Thinking About Load Testing: It’s Not Just for the Enterprise
September 2016
Streaming in 2016: Can't Complain
Long in the Making, BitTorrent Live Is Finally a Reality
The Pontiff Speaks to a Digital Flock
Infographic: Next-Gen Video Formats

July/August 2016
Virtually Unlimited: Three Companies Push VR Into New Areas
The Summer of Streaming Love: Will Netflix Take Over the World?
Build or Buy? When Choosing an OVP, Ask Lots of Questions
What Higher Education Can Learn From Podcasts: How to Go Long
June 2016
An End to the Wild West: It's Time for Streaming Standards!
Live Video Production Hits the Biggest Tech Show on Earth: CES
The Worldwide Video Revolution Is Happening on Small Screens
Do Off-the-Shelf Video Solutions Make the Grade for Elearning?

April/May 2016
Stop the Skepticism: VR Video Makes a Believer Out of Anyone
30 Days to a Better (Streaming) You: Conferences Lead the Way
The HEVC Holding Pattern: Will '16 Be the Year for H.265 Support?
Streaming Video in Higher Education Has Had a Slow Evolution
March 2016 - Sourcebook
Game On: Television Is Going Through Revolutionary Changes
Insert Coin to Play: OTT Is Booming, But It's a Seller's Market
The State of Media and Entertainment 2016
The State of Enterprise Video 2016

January/February 2016
A New Year Brings Familiar Trials to the Streaming Video World
Will Online Video Ad Loads Ever Get LEANer? Don’t Bet on It
Leaping Into 2016: What Still Needs to Be Solved in Streaming
Online Students Do Not Learn By Video Alone, Finds Study
November/December 2015
In Praise of Short Videos: There's Too Much Good Content to Watch
Streaming Thankfulness
What Esports Can Teach Video Creators About Attracting Viewers
HEVC's Journey in 2015: Going Downhill and Gaining Speed

October 2015
Apple Loses Innovation Edge in Video; Now Amazon Takes the Lead
Heads Roll in a Time of Transition for the Online Video Industry
The Problems With dSLR Video: Shaky Focus, Jello Artifacts
When Viewers Turn to YouTube for Brand Video, Brands Lose Out
September 2015
As YouTube Celebrity Enters the Mainstream, VidCon Grows Up
When Travelers Go Abroad, Online Video Services Don't Follow
Educational Videographers Need to Make Time for Creativity
Welcome to the Broadcasting Revolution, Open to All Creators

July/August 2015
A Streaming Snapshot: Articles Show Video Industry in Transition
What Happened to the Future of Interactive, Immersive Video?
As Online Video Gets Bigger, Newfront Presentations Get Smaller
Video Quality Measurement Requires Objective and Subjective Tests
May/June 2015
Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Exposes Video Piracy Problems
Skype TX: Could Skype's New Offering Create a News Revolution?
Is it Time Yet for 4K, H.265, and VP9 Adoption? Not So Fast
Video Platforms Bring Guest Lecturers to the Classroom

April 2015
From Small Things: Why Shooting Ultra HD Video Matters Today
The Fate of Broadcast TV in 2015: Last Gasp or Second Wind?
YouTube's 'HTML5 First, Flash Second' Position Is Marketing Hype
When the Producer Becomes the Student: Creating Classroom Video
March 2015 (Sourcebook)
The Golden Age of Streaming?
Welcome to Our Dojo
The State of Media & Entertainment Video 2015
The State of Mobile Video 2015

January/February 2015
With the Ice Bucket Challenge, User-Generated Video Ruled in 2014
HDMI Fails at 4K; Will CES Show a Faster Wireless Connector?
Younger Viewers Are Far More Likely to Cut the Cord, Survey Finds
OTT Channel Bundles Coming in 2015, But Don’t Count on Savings
November/December 2014
Premium Online Video a la Carte: Be Careful What You Wish For
Four More Ways Streaming Quality Must Improve to Compete With TV
RTMP in the Age of HTTP Video Streaming: Don't Count it Out
It’s Feast or Famine for Online Video News Announcements

October 2014
IBC Attendees Move in Unison to the Next Big Thing
Creative Cloud Snubs FLV and F4V, But Flash Video Use Continues
U of Chicago: 3 Challenges Creating Massive Open Online Courses
Apple's $100M Investment Marks a Shift Away From Third-Party CDNs
September 2014
How to Win the Piracy War: Offer Premium Content at a Fair Price
Bit by Bit, Europe Leads the Way in Data Roaming Charges
Bundles Are the Way to Savings, But Operators Can Be Sneaky
With Sesame Go, Sesame Street Finds a Home Online

July/August 2014
The Young Are Watching, But They’re Not Watching Pay TV
Educators, Adopt 4K Video Now and Get Ahead of the Curve
YouTube Stardom 2.0: Tune Into YouTube’s Rising Stars
10 Best Practices for Live Streaming Production
June 2014
How to Create Interactive HTML5 Video
How to Develop a Viable 4K Production Workflow
How Be Inspired Films Shoots Conferences the TED Way
Twitch Is a Billion Dollar Surprise, Even for Video Insiders

May 2014
Comment: Is Fire TV Really Just Home Shopping Network in a Box?
Colleges Need to Teach the Teachers to Produce Quality Video
Forget 4K, Think 4D: Time Could Be a New Wrinkle in Online Video
An Image Consultant Gives Fashion Advice to Google Glass
April 2014
Shooting the Game vs. Shooting the Story
4K Video Shows Promise, But Now Is Not the Time to Buy
Video Gear Gets Smaller, But One Hurdle Remains
A+E Networks Brings Second Screen Content to the First Screen

March 2014
Content Is King With Online Video, But it's Not the Only King
Broadcasters Need to Bring Their A Game to Online Video
The State of Mobile Video 2014
The State of OTT 2014
January/February 2014
How to Produce High-Quality H.264 Video Files
Choosing a Video Player: Features and Specs for the Top Five
Enterprise Rushes to the Cloud, Yet Significant Hurdles Remain
Football Scores for Online Video Advertising

December 2013
CDNs Offer More Than a Quick Byte
Live Streaming With Mobile Devices: The BYOD Challenge
Webcasting Without Worry
The 2013 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Winners
October/November 2013
The Streaming Media 100: The One Hundred Companies that Matter Most in Online Video in 2013
The List of the 100 Companies that Matter Most in Online Video in 2013
Over-the-Top Solutions Abound, But the Term Is Losing It's Meaning
Learning by Design: Go Beyond Performance in Educational Video

August/September 2013
Behind the Scenes With Windows Azure Media Services: Case Study
Attention Colleges and Universities: Kill the Lecture!
Into the Cloud: Exploring the Next Generation of Video Services
Online Video Jumps on the Big Data Bandwagon
June/July 2013
MPEG-DASH: Making Tracks Toward Widespread Adoption
Taking Steps to Fight Piracy in Online Video
No Second Chances: Get Live Events Right the First Time
The WiredArts Fest: High Culture Meets Live Online Video

April/May 2013
The DRM Debate Is Dead and Both Sides Won
Case Study: Fighting Irish Revamp Their Digital Video Workflow
Case Study: Bringing Passion 2013 to the Faithful Took an Army
Spoiler Alert: The Fine Brothers Are Rising Stars Online
February/March 2013 (Sourcebook)
Safety Instructions: Please Read Before Streaming
The State of Multiscreen Video 2013
The State of OTT Content Delivery 2013
The State of Online Video Advertising 2013

December 2012/January 2013
Streaming Media Predictions: What's in Store for 2013
Vevo Has Become the Online Live Concert Connection
Which Online Video Award Is Most Important?
Who's in Charge of Online Video? The Viewer, Naturally
October/November 2012
The Streaming Media 100: The One Hundred Companies that Matter Most in Online Video in 2012
The List of the 100 Companies that Matter Most in Online Video in 2012
MPEG DASH and HEVC: Do Standards Drive Innovation or Stifle It?
Video Encoding: Go for the Specialist or the Jack-of-All-Trades?

August/September 2012
The 2012 Streaming Media Game Changers
AOL's Triple-Pronged Approach to Online Video
The 2012 Encoding and Transcoding Buyers' Guide
Al-Jazeera Enables Citizen Journalism With Online Video
June/July 2012
Live Entertainment Goes Online, but Sometimes More Is Less
Adobe's Mid-Sea Change of Course
Why "Instagram for Video" is a Bad Idea: Commentary
Thomas Dolby Streams Video Messages Back to the Future

April/May 2012
Listen Up Hollywood: Copy Protection Needs to Go
Two to Watch: Liquidus and MyPodStudios Are Up-and-Comers
Online Sci-Fi Show RCVR Breaks Out of the 'Tyrannical Rectangle'
Streaming to All Devices: Is it Worth the Expense?
February/March 2012 (Sourcebook)
Editor's Note: Big Time
Publisher's Note: Don't Panic!
The Battle for Tiny Bits
The State of Media and Entertainment Video 2012

December 2011/January 2012
Celebs on the Web: Hollywood Discovers Streaming Video
HTML5 Is Taking Over the Web, Right? Not so Fast…
Review: NewTek TriCaster TCXD850 Extreme
Cord-Cutting Easier Said Than Done: Commentary
October/November 2011
Streaming Media 100: The One Hundred Companies that Matter Most in Online Video
The List of the 100 Companies that Matter Most in Online Video
Online Video: To 3D or Not to 3D?
SyncTV, Brightcove, and HBO Are on the Cutting Edge of Video Apps

August/September 2011
For Google and Apple, Profits Outweigh Ideals Everytime: Commentary
Netflix Streaming Puts the Squeeze on ISPs
True Blood Vampires Sink their Fangs into Connected TVs
Educators and Students Benefit from Video's Power to Connect
June/July 2011
The 2011 Streaming Media All-Stars
The Need for Curation: Thousands of Channels and Everything Is On
R.I.P. to the Flip, a Camera that Made a Big Impact in the Classroom
Will Bandwidth Caps Strangle Netflix? Not Likely

April/May 2011
UltraViolet: Does the DECE Finally Get DRM Right?
How to Get Your Video on As Many Devices as Possible
Video as a Force for Social Change
Volkswagen's Mini-Darth Vader Ad: Behind the Screens
February/March 2011 (Sourcebook)
Editor's Note: Embrace the Chaos
Publisher's Note: What Is a Superhero, Anyway?
The State of Streaming Media and Entertainment 2011
Video Sprawl in 2011: The State of the Enterprise

December 2010/January 2011
First Look: Microsoft IIS Media Services 4
Editor's Note: Premium Blend
Streams of Thought: Learning to Love Another
Case Study: Hyatt Connects With Ignite
October/November 2010
Editor's Note: Got to Be Real
Streams of Thought: All Eyes Toward Europe
Case Study: Wireless IPTV at Liberty University
The Art and Science of Funny or Die

August/September 2010
Editor's Note: It Is What It Is
Industry Perspectives: Solving the Video Content Conundrum
Streams of Thought: WebM Strategies for the Hacking Crowd
WebM vs. H.264: A First Look
June/July 2010
Editor's Note: Eight is Enough
Streams of Thought: The Benefits of Going Virtual for Trade Shows
Case Study: A Holistic Approach to DAM
Streaming Spotlight: The Many Lives of Jim Bruton

April/May 2010
Surveying the Set-Top Boxes
The Economics of Live Events
Rich's Media: Enterprise Viewing Metrics and SCORM
Review: Telestream Wirecast
February/March 2010 (Sourcebook)
Editor's Note: Right On The Money
Publisher's Note: The Revenge of Online Video
A Banner Year: 2009 Enterprise Video Year in Review
Two-Way Street: 2009 Mobile Video Year in Review

December 2009/January 2010
Inside Thomson Reuters: Creating a Global Webcasting Platform
Editor's Note: Smartnering
Stream This: It’s Time for Tiered Performance and Pricing Plans: CDNs Must Evolve
Class Act: Where’s the Teaching Camera of Today?
October/November 2009
Editor's Note: Who Says Print is Dead?
Navigating the Enterprise Video Workflow
Class Act: Form to Enhance Function
Streams of Thought: Streaming Media's Fall Events: Great Expectations

August/September 2009
Editor's Note: Blame It on the Blockbuster
Stream This!: Streaming to TV
Class Act: On Production Values and Flipping Burgers
Streams of Thought: Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign
June/July 2009
Editor's Note: Hey Kids, Let's Put on a Show! It's So Crazy, It Just Might Work
Case Study: Massachusetts Tackles Streaming Accessibility
Class Act: Making Educational Video More Accessible
GaryVee Uncorked: Wine Library TV's Gary Vaynerchuk

April/May 2009
Editor's Note: Bullish on Online Video
Stream This!: Video CDN Pricing Stable for Now
Case Study: Taste of Home Gets a Taste of Video
Case Study: A Harmonious Relationship
February/March 2009 (Sourcebook)
Editor's Note: No Limits
Publisher's Note: Now's the Time
The 2009 Streaming Media Editors' Picks
Cue the Strangelove Moment: Media & Entertainment Year in Review

December 2008/January 2009
Stream This: Netflix Needs a Business Model
Case Study: Game On—Bringing the NHL to IPTV
Industry Perspectives: The New Era of Corporate Communications
New Video Frontiers: Taking It Beyond the PC
October/November 2008
Editor's Note: Standard Time
Tutorial: Encoding for Screencams
Case Study: Meeting the Enterprise Video Distribution Challenge
Stream This!: Pulling Back the Curtain on Level 3

August/September 2008
Editor's Note: No Doubt
Spicy Ideas: Just. Press. Play.—Why Good Design Matters More Than Ever
Tutorial: High-Touch Encoding With Microsoft Expression Encoder 2
Writing an RFP for Maximum ROI
June/July 2008
Editor's Note: Don't Call It a Comeback
Eyes on the Enterprise: Enterprise Multimedia: The New Belle of the Conference Circuit?
Tutorial: Wowza Media Server Pro
Stream This: Application Delivery: Akamai's Secret Weapon?

April/May 2008
Editor's Note: Beyond the Bottom Line
Eyes on the Enterprise: (Not So) Instant Karma
Case Study: MSN Autos Revs Up Video Production
Case Study: Dow Finds the Right Streaming Chemistry
February/March 2008 (Sourcebook)
How to Execute a Successful Webcast
Growth Spurt: CDN Year in Review
Gimme Five: Rich Media Presentation Systems for Education and the Enterprise
How to Manage Video Content in Higher Education

December 2007/January 2008
Commentary: State of the Union
Unplugged: Giving Up Broadcast TV
Is Your Enterprise Video-Ready?
Let's Work Together
October/November 2007
Editor's Note: Is There Anybody Alive Out There?
Stream This: What the CDNs are Charging for Delivery
Video to Go
The 2007 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards Winners

August/September 2007
The 2007 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards
Case Study: IBM Takes Webcasting to the Desktop
Class Act: ROI in the EDU
Case Study: Jyske Bank Serves Espresso, Enterprise Video
June/July 2007
June 2007 Letters to the Editor
Attack of the Giant Web 2.0 Lies!
Cookin' With P2P: Recipe for Success or Flash in the Pan?
Emerging Media: The Cookie Monster

February 2007 (Sourcebook)
Editor's Note: You Who?
Publisher's Note: The Phoenix
Streamticker 2006: The Deals That Reshaped the Online Video Space
The Perfect Storm: 2006 Media & Entertainment Year in Review
November 2006
Editor's Note: The More Things Change...
Tutorial: Shooting Top-Quality Streaming Video Part II: Designing Your Set
Schooled in Streaming
Eyes on the Enterprise: Streaming Video's Marketing Potential: Don't Believe the Hype