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Axinom is a digital solutions provider in the media and entertainment industry, delivering next-gen scalable and robust OTT platforms to some of the biggest media, broadcast, and telecommunications organizations.

Our products span content management (Axinom CMS), backend interfaces and services (Axinom BIS), content protection with multi-DRM service (Axinom DRM), media ingest and processing (Axinom VIP), and a frontend SDK (Axinom FE SDK) that enables custom frontend applications connected with our backend.

Through numerous integration possibilities, with third-party or existing customer systems and numerous services, our platform is capable of subscriber management, analytics, reporting, personalized advertising and much more.

Product Description
  • Axinom CMS (Content Management System) is a fully extensible content management system with highly automated media workflows for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and LIVE video streaming scenarios. Axinom CMS enables customers to manage, convert, distribute and monetize digital assets, services, and meta data for the next generation of OTT and IPTV services. Axinom CMS capabilities span media ingest and encoding, asset and meta data management, catalogue and product management, e-commerce, advertising, customer management and secure multi-channel delivery to all types of client devices. The system is fully customizable to each project’s needs and will be tailored to adapt the exact work processes and requirements. Axinom CMS is leveraged worldwide by major clients in media, entertainment, broadcasters and telecommunication providers.

  • Axinom DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a robust and highly scalable multi-DRM service in the cloud that supports latest industry standards including MPEG-DASH, Common Encryption and Encrypted Media Extensions. Axinom DRM enables customers to target a wide range of client platforms with a single service by simultaneously supporting multiple DRM technologies (Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay and Google Widevine) behind a unified API. For maximum availability, scalability, and performance Axinom DRM supports zero-downtime maintenance and a globally distributed cloud-deployment spanning several public cloud providers.

  • Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing) reduces technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution and ensures compatibility and good playback quality on many devices. Axinom VIP enables a single video format for all platforms supporting MPEG-DASH and HLS with CENC wholeheartedly. The product is used to securely ingest, transcode, and encrypt VOD Content. It can work with any package storage and integrates with Axinom DRM (or other DRM services), to protect premium content from Hollywood studios or content of confidential nature in compliance with MPAA specifications.

  • Axinom BIS (Backend Interfaces and Services) provides a seamless way to integrate various interfaces and services out-of-the-box with Axinom Backend. Axinom BIS is also platform agnostic, hence can be integrated regardless of the frontend in use. Axinom BIS functions as an automatically scaling middle layer, facilitating querying, filtering, verification and access to content assets and streams content to the apps. In addition, it has several other features, such as authentication, entitlements, full-text search with filtering, advertisement support, reporting, shop (TVOD, bistro, etc.), payments, monitoring and many more.

  • Axinom FE-SDK (Frontend SDK) is the perfect fit for customers who are using the Axinom backend of DRM or BIS. It allows for a simpler integration of these services in your frontend application. The Axinom Frontend SDK consists of various libraries focused on different aspects of most media frontend applications. A customer can pick and choose the parts that are needed by the application on a per-library base.
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