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800 Westchester Ave.,
Suite N641

Rye Brook NEW YORK 10573
United States

Phone: 1 866 636 9723
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EZDRM is the original specialist in Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS), offering a straightforward, one-stop solution for protecting and monetizing your video content for over 16 years. Our hosted managed multi-DRM offering makes it easy to support live, on-demand, downloadable and offline video delivery service and offers complete flexibility in business model support.   Utilizing EZDRM’s Universal DRM, a combination of Google’s Widevine and Microsoft’s PlayReady via Common Encryption (CENC) over DASH, along with EZDRM’s Apple FairPlay Streaming fulfill all your multi-DRM requirements. Dynamic, on-demand DRM business rules allow content owners to expand their viewership and create new revenue streams from their digital assets. 


Product Description

EZDRM Hosted Digital Rights Management (DRM) services encompass the complete mutli-DRM spectrum.

  • EZDRM Universal, MPEG-DASH via CENC encryption with both Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady for native HTML5  playback on all browsers, Android Mobile, Casting , Smart TV's and Connected Devices
  • EZDRM Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS), HLS with Apple FPS Encryption for native HTML 5 playback on Safari and iOS Apps.
  • EZDRM Wideivne Modular, Google Widevine DRM for Chrome, and Android devices
  • EZDRM PlayReady, Microsoft PlayReady DRM for native MS PR Players, Smart TV's and connected devices.
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