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Johan de Wittlaan 10
Rotterdam Zuid Holland 3054AA
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 10 8080619
Web site:

For the last ten years, MistServer has been the leading media server, with an open source core. MistServer allows you to take any media from any location using any method, and deliver it to anyone, anywhere, in any format. MistServer Pro takes the reliable and trusted core of MistServer, and builds professional features on top, ready for enterprise-level use. Say no to compromises, say no to limitations, and say yes to MistServer. What heights will you reach with it?

Product Description


MistServer is media server software designed to be modular, reliable and efficient. It’s specialty is making streams available for all devices, providing an efficient harmonized workflow while allowing for individualization.

MistServer can serve every supported format from a single memory buffer per stream. Viewers within MistServer get their own process allowing precise control while improving stability and efficiency. Working with MistServer is easy because of the straightforward but powerful JSON-based API and fully scriptable event-based triggers.

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Content Delivery Networks/CDNFormats/Codecs/ProtocolsLive StreamingMobile Video
OTT TVStreaming MusicEducation VideoEnterprise Video
Government VideoMedia/Entertainment VideoOnline Video Industry
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